To evolve a Pikachu does not come with ease,
Using a thunderstone, the pokémon agrees,
Then add a higher level, this the perfect mix,
For evolving your mouse, yes, use all of these tricks.
Raichu bursts forth after your Gameboy screen flickers
Between the two creatures, you’re eating a Snickers.
The toy beeps of joyful things, Raichu is his name!
But now you miss Pikachu ‘cause he’s just not the same.
Beedrill gets no disrepect
But not because of intellect
Don’t you step on this insect
Or he’ll go into a Rage
My Metapod used HARDEN,
His shell as tough as it can be.
Your insults may sting a bit,
But you will not damage me.
Moltres is a pokemon,
Of legendary fame.
But now we call him “POOPHEAD”
Since I gave him a nickname.
RED earned four hundred dollars!
Water died deep blue,
But Squirtle does not know swim!
That little bastard.
Bulbasaur, leaf green.
Forests are its romping ground.
Weak against fire types.
Do you like water?
Gym Leader Misty sure does.
Her whole gym afloat.
Woke up from strange dream
induced by Jigglypuff song.
Fields, flowers, then flames.
Team Rocket blasts off
to places unknown to me.
I hope they have fun.